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Thank-you for visiting my page. I am a  transgendered artist working across dance, electronics, photography and installation. I have worked in a wide variety of places through-out Australia teaching, running workshops and generating outcomes for youth as well as for myself as an artist. I often work in collaboration with other artists and on group devised projects. For many years I simply supported other artists and created solutions for them that was not available off the shelf in the realms of wireless sensor technology and robotics.

I trained at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne and also Queensland University of Technology where I was a guest lecturer. My current endeavor has been a corporate Photographic business called ASV Photographics and it has been running successfully for 10 years and has clients all over Australia including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Cairns.

I currently have a space called the-hut in Brisbane which is a creative space on the edge of the Toohey forest.